Hello to all of my great students. What a time in our lives and one that we will remember forever. You are experiencing something that will be written about in our history books for future generations to study. There are a few things that I want you to understand:


  1. I will have my grade book caught up by April 10th for you to see your grade in each of my classes on skyward. If for some reason you cannot access skyward, contact me and I will tell you your grade and any missing work. I will take any written work and raise your grade if needed and encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

  2. All other links that are posted under each of my classes below are supplemental (optional) for your viewing pleasure only. These are all pretty cool opportunities to see some of the wonders of our great country free of charge that you may not get to do again. Take advantage if you are so inclined. 

  3. I will continue to add stuff as I find it and feel its appropriate. If you find stuff that you think others might enjoy, send it to me to add!

  4. I am here for you as are all of your teachers and am glad to answer your calls, emails, texts to help with any work, answer questions, or provide guidance an any way that I can.

  5. Contact me anytime using my email or my cell 509-863-3139.

ALL CTE Students

(Here's a great article about agriculture & our food supply & also click the link if you'd like to visit some of Kentucky's Famous Horse Farms.)

Maker Space

(Visit Torchmate to watch any of the 1000s of tutorials that you find interesting)

Plant Science

(Visit any of the 8 virtual tours on some of the most famous gardens & keep checking in for updated photos of how your greenhouse is doing.)


(Visit Torchmate to watch any of the 1000s of tutorials that you find interesting & if you are welding any projects at home I'd love for you to send me pics.)

Natural Resources

(Visit any of the amazing tours of our National Parks, Zoos & Amazing Aquariums.)

Auto Maintenance

(Here's a few videos of some auto maintenance procedures to check out if interested.)


Our plant sale was a huge success!!! Thank you to our outstanding community for your support.

ffa updates

*Spokane Jr. Livestock Show has been officially cancelled.

We currently have pigs available for sale. If interested in half or whole pig to butcher please contact FFA Advisor Matt Gines 863-3139.

*State FFA has been postponed. I will keep you updated as to contest dates, once they are rescheduled.

help wanted

If you are over the age of 16 and want to work, reach out to Mr. Gines on opportunities that are available.


We understand this is a stressful time for all but especially for our Seniors. As of now we are still planning on graduation June 6th & a senior trip.  As you know, everything changes at a rapid pace and we will keep you informed as events get closer.  Scholarships are available thru Jocelyn's page and feel free to contact Mr. Gines with any questions.

Other Important Info